Passalacqua Deup Italian Espresso Coffee Pods, 14 pcs

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An extraordinary blend in which as many as 10 among the most valuable and aromatic coffee origins in the world, able to withstand the effects of decaffeination, maintain their intense fragrance.

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Deup is the blend created by Passalacqua dedicated to lovers of a creamy and full-bodied coffee combined with the simplicity of using mono-portion pods.

Helca is a particularly balanced blend: able to offer not only an intense fragrance, but also a strong taste and remarkable body in the cup, for those who prefer the true and traditional taste of real Neapolitan coffee. Quick and easy to prepare with handy single-portion pods compatible with any pod machine at home or in the office.

• Passalacqua Deup espresso pods - 14 pieces
• E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) style pods (45 mm, 7 g)
• 80% Arabica
• Each pod is individually wrapped for freshness and convenience
• Italian espresso coffee pods imported from Italy